Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) was founded on 1 August 2010 as a subsidiary of Czech Airlines. From April 2012, it was owned by its sole shareholder, Český Aeroholding, a.s. In October 2018, Letiště Praha, a.s. became the sole shareholder of Czech Airlines Technics through a merger. Czech Airlines Technics, as the former technical division of the Czech national carrier, has over 80 years' experience with in-house aircraft maintenance, 50 years' experience with jet aircraft maintenance, and more than 20 years' experience with western-built aircraft repairs. Its approximate annual turnover equals 44,000,000 EUR and the company employs more than 700 qualified technicians, engineers and office personnel.


Profile and Sustainable Development Report CAH 2017

Profile and CSR Report: Czech Aeroholding 2015/2016

Annual Reports

Annual Report of Czech Airlines Technics 2017
Annual Report of Czech Airlines Technics 2016

Code of Conduct

General Terms & Conditions CSAT

Company name: Czech Airlines Technics, a.s.
Registered office: Jana Kašpara 1069/1, Praha 6, Post Code: 160 08
VAT number: CZ699003361

Incorporated by registration in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Entry 9307, on 28th April 2004.



Chairman: Pavel Haleš

Chairman: Pavel Haleš

Member: Petr Doberský

Member: Petr Doberský

Vice-Chairman: Igor Zahradníček

Vice-Chairman: Igor Zahradníček


  • Storage area 1850 m2
  • Sheet metal shop 990 m2
  • Composite shop 365 m2
  • Avionic shop 600 m2
  • Joiners’ shop 300 m2


  • Upholstery shop 545 m2
  • Seat shop 260 m2
  • NDT laboratories m2
  • Painting shop 400 m2
  • Washing plant 140 m2

Equipment - nets

  • Electrical energy 220V/380V, 50 Hz
  • Telecommunication net
  • Data net
  • Pressured air
  • Water
  • Hot water

Hangar F

  • Dimensions 56 x 210 x 15.5 m2
  • Area 11,760 m2
  • Hangar gate 205 x 15.5 m2
  • Storage area 2,998 m2
  • 6 stands for
    B737/A320 Family/ATR aircraft
  • Designated for Base Maintenance


Monitoring all operational and organizational processes and procedures during aircraft maintenance and/or maintenance of aircraft components is the main responsibility of the Quality Department. It focuses primarily on issues that have or may have a negative impact on the safety and/or efficiency of operation of CSAT customers or can potentially significantly impact the environment or the ability to enforce protection against illegal acts. Its basic goal is to identify potential threats and risks early and remove or reduce them to an acceptable level.

To meet this goal, strict compliance with all the requirements of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1321/2014 and other mandatory regulatory requirements is enforced. In addition, in cooperation with the Management, the maintenance staff and other Czech Airlines Technics employees, the Company implements a Safety Management system, a Quality Management system, an Environmental Management System and a system of Major Accidents Prevention.

Our Quallities

Safety and Quality Policy

Environmental policy

Preventing Serious Hazard Prevention Policy



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